A Rarity In the Scouting Camera World

covert mp6 mossy oak smTake a look at any of the many hunting forums on the Internet and you’ll quickly find threads where hunters complain about their trail cameras. Common indictments listed against manufacturers include disappointing battery life, lax trigger speed, and worse of all, poor customer service.

Not standing behind products is the quickest way for any company to spiral into obscurity or nonexistence, and few demographics are more critical of products than hardcore hunters. This is why Covert Scouting Cameras is devoted to maintaining their reputation as the best in the business where customer service and satisfaction are concerned. This is evidenced through their one-year warranty on all of their cameras and a serious dedication to going above and beyond their competitors make sure every single person who buys a Covert Scouting Camera remains happy for years.

Of course, it’s not just customer service that sets the Lewisburg, Kentucky company apart. Their product line, which contains six camera models ranging from the economical MP-E5 to their industry-leading Special Ops Code Black, offers trigger speeds of 1.2 seconds and flash ranges of 45 to over 60 feet.

Each Covert Scouting Camera is designed to operate off of anywhere from four to 12 AA batteries depending on model, which isn’t much different from their competition. What is different, though, is the amount of pictures and time that Covert users get from the same batteries their competitors burn through at an expensive and frustrating rate.

covert black 60 smAll of this is good for the consumer, but what is even better is the fact that since Covert offers six cameras, every potential camera user can find the perfect model for their budget and needs. For instance, the hardcore whitetail hunter who spends his days on public land can employ the password protected Extreme Black 60 to capture images or video with its invisible flash, while amassing critical data on each image that is time-, date-, temperature- and moon phase-stamped. Likewise, the concerned property owner can keep an eye on off-site valuables by mounting an inexpensive MP6 over an access road to capture picture or video of anyone who should show up with ill intentions.

The uses for Covert Scouting Cameras are limited only to imagination, and no matter what you put them to good use for, you can rest assured knowing that on the off-chance something should go wrong, Covert will quickly make it right. Top that off with the best products in the industry and it’s easy to understand why Covert Scouting Cameras has a reputation for leading the industry.