Animal Rights Advocate in NY Raising Funds for Rent after Losing Job to Disability


The following message comes from Eddie Cintron, an animal rights advocate, who has done untiring work toward safety of pet dogs and training police officers for dealing with dogs non-lethally when on duty.   Eddie Cintron

I am trying to meet this May’s rent as I am still waiting for Social Security as it’s a lengthy process which I didn’t know it took so long. I have been under doctors care for a Spinal injury  and Social Security will not be much but enough to pay the rent. What’s been delaying the process is that I applied for disability cause of my spinal injury.

This is the only place that would allow Lattimore as I had a very hard time finding a place I don’t want to have to lose him so obviously this is the only place I can keep him.

I called Social Security and they said they are still working on it and they sent me yet another form I have to sign and send in, DSS will not assist as they said Social Security was working on my case.

I have a Social Security doctor’s appointment on May 13th, 2014 to see if I qualify for disability.

I thank all that have been supportive and for the encouraging words of kindness.

As all of you know my advocacy is for police training with RPD which will soon be a reality just as I am addressing state wide training for officers in New York State as dog owners want to see.

To donate to Eddie Cintron for his rent, please follow the link: