Green Building Materials Solution to Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  ‘Going Green’ and helping the world around you is a good thing. However, saving the ‘green’ that ends up in your pocket is also extremely beneficial. The question is, can a homeowner receive both? With ClimateMaster, they absolutely can. Oh, so many rules – so little time; this is a very true statement when […]

MedImmune Makes Agreement for Inflammatory Disease Treatment

Gaitthersburg-based MedImmune has made an in-licensing agreement with Amgen for a novel monoclonal antibody targeting the IL-1 pathway.

Man Suspected of Conducting Dog Fighting Operations

A possible dog fighting operation has been uncovered by Montgomery County Police after raiding a home near Laytonsville.

Man Stalking Uma Thurman Extradited to NYC

A Gaithersburg man was formally escorted out of his home to New York City on charges of stalking and harassing actress Uma Thurman.

Sodexo Finds Most Vegan Friendly College

With thousands of votes cast for the country’s Most Vegan-Friendly College in America, Sodexo helped client Northwestern University emerge as the top pick for 2010 in the small college category by PETA2, the world’s largest youth animal rights organization.

Traveler’s Diarrhea Vaccine Halted

Intercell AG announced today preliminary clinical results on its investigational Travelers’ Diarrhea (TD) Vaccine Patch program and the decision not to pursue further the development of this vaccine candidate.

Sodexo Lauds Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act

Sodexo applauds the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which Congress passed paving the way for more children to get healthy, nutritious school meals and to fight childhood obesity.

Online Sex Sting Leads Cops to 11 Perverts

Eleven men were nabbed this month by Gaithersburg Police for trying to get intimate with minors on the Web.

Then men were from different states, including Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington DC. Cops posted a phony profile online and arranged meetups with the doomed men using phone calls and text messaging.

Thieves Steal Food and Van From Food Bank

Food banks are vital to the community – especially this time of year. Unfortunately, some people don’t quite understand that.

Manna Food Center, based in Gaithersburg, had one of their food vans stolen Tuesday morning. As if that wasn’t bad enough, some food was stolen from the warehouse as well. The van, a white 2001 Chevy cargo van with their logo, is exclusively used for supply pick-ups and food drives.

Sodexo Urges You to Stop Wasting Food

Sodexo employees at eight college campuses cut kitchen waste by about one third, simply by tracking and monitoring food waste, according to the preliminary findings from the first eight weeks of a pilot study that is part of the company’s commitment to stop wasting food to curb climate change and improve business practices.

Sodexo is partnering with LeanPath, a technology company providing food waste tracking systems, to conduct the review. The pilot study focuses on kitchen – or pre-consumer – waste, not what customers throw out. The pilot study system features a tracking station where Sodexo employees enter data about what they are throwing out and why. By tracking the reason for throwing away items, Sodexo is able to correct the problem to prevent future food waste. Sodexo employees at those eight sites have dramatically reduced overproduction, spoilage, expiration and trimmings by participating in the pilot study.