Let’s Hear it for the Kids!


Let’s Hear it for the Kids!

~ Samantha Lewis

Have you ever heard of The Kids Ecology Corps (KEC)? Well, if you haven’t, then you need to head to that all-powerful computer of yours and look it up. There are many reasons why you need to – with the biggest one being that for all the headlines regarding “bad” things in this world for kids, the diminishing of education, the low reading scores, the violence (you downloadname it) – KEC is actually one of those organizations that is all about the “good” out there. And from Pre-K through high school, it is an organization that has helped over 100,000+ in the U.S., bringing kids on board to help the environment, animals, and learn how and why to love this world instead of disliking it.


Kids Ecology Corps (KEC) began back in 1998 with the core belief that they could inspire kids out there to become leaders. The kids would be fascinated and intrigued by the hands-on community activities that they would be a part of, and want nothing more than to embrace the Earth and learn all there is to know about keeping it clean, safe, and bringing it back into tip-top shape for future generations to enjoy.


These are not those educational activities, by the way, that are hum-drum or make kids turn off and head straight for their cell phones or the new ‘I’-whatever that may be on the market today. These activities are a whole lot of fun and bring out that awesome “Kid Power” that the rest of us need to see in order to jump on board with ecology and the betterment of our society.


It’s always been seen (look back in history if you do not believe me), that having kids back up a cause makes more and more adults become committed to that cause. By bringing kids together who have a good time and learn how to make good decisions while having a whole lot of fun at the same time inspires their parents and their communities to leave all the bad news behind and concentrate on things that can help the world instead of constantly yapping about the things that don’t.


It still rings true that children haven’t yet had the time to become jaded in the modern world. And the environment is something that can be extremely interesting to them. They not only make a difference they can be proud of, but they also have a ball. There are many examples of these programs that KEC brings to the world. At this time of year, let’s talk about the Irish. (And for those sports fans out there, I’m not talking about Notre Dame’s basketball win, although that made the Irish extremely proud as well, I’m sure.) No. I’m speaking about the city of Fort Lauderdale, where the people keep to Irish tradition. There KEC gives a ‘shout out’ to St. Patrick and his skill for making those snakes flee by concentrating on beach clean-up and preservation. Kids receive Coral Reef coloring books and even help aid the pelicans who can end up being harmed when their wings get hooked on things.


There is also a St. Patrick’s Day Parade that includes the stunning Clydesdales that belong to Budweiser, with local first responders and many businesses participating, for the kids to view as they cheer for ecology programs that will help the environment of both their cities and the country.


So all you adults out there, when you feel depressed or a little bit angry at the bad things in this world, just remember that there are many good things for your kids that focus on making them good citizens. KEC is one; promoting all the best things in life while at the same time allowing kids to enjoy theirs.

Source:  Roadtrekin.com


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