News: Major League Baseball Does Exist

News: Major League Baseball Does Exist

~ Amy Lignor

Yesterday was the final day of summer, and most everyone is wondering: Where exactly did the ‘boys of summer’ go?


Let’s face it, every baseball fan must be more than a little tired of hearing all about the NFL and how completely messed up things are over on their side of the proverbial sports fence. Goodell is in trouble (his speech on Friday didn’t help); players are beating wives, girlfriends,

kids…it has become more like watching a reality episode of ‘Jailed’ than it is watching real football games. (And, yes, before the jaws start Baseball_leather_glove_close-up 2)moving: This has happened in the past and all sports have faced issues with drugs, etc. – but this amount of media has grown ridiculous).


Football is seen as the most ‘popular’ sport. They have marketed themselves well over the decades. There are players that have gone down in history, and players with…far larger mouths that are making history in the 21st century, with tools like Facebook and Twitter. But the ‘Boys of Summer’ used to be the monumental sport. Lazy days watching the ‘best of the best’ on the diamond, as the excitement slowly built around who would face off with who in the World Series.


This year, there is even more baseball buzz because of Derek Jeter saying so long. Each game he attends, there is something for him – even Baltimore gave him a bucket of crabs. But every time there is information about a baseball game, it is given on SportsCenter or your local news in the blink of an eye in order to get back to the debate about the NFL’s inconsistencies and Goodell’s job security.


But the baseball fan should not be ignored. And there is some fun, historic, news to be told. Even though the Yankees lost to the Blue Jays this past Saturday, and most likely have no shot at actually going into the playoffs barring a miracle, Derek Jeter is still making headlines. With eight games left to play, he took Saturday to score the 1,920th run of his career – allowing him to see his name registered at ninth place in all-time career runs. This is a list that includes THE baseball players: Cobb, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, and so on, and Jeter is up there with the big guys. Of course, Jeter has been. This is a man who baseball will miss greatly. Fans will miss him, teammates…even the people who wanted nothing more than to beat him, honor and respect the man and are showing that as he makes the rounds before calling it a day.


This has been an exciting baseball season. There have been twists and surprises, and it looks like the World Series will be an unforgettable one no matter who attends. Alas, the summer was taken away by NFL press, and as they come to the end, the NFL is still taking the headlines. Albeit, bad headlines, but they are still in the focus and are still bringing in the most watchers and larger audiences. The reason for this is most likely to see which ‘good’ player, who fans love and kid’s look up to, stands up and shames the ‘bad’ guys who are making their supposed SHIELD look like nothing more than a stained and crumpled piece of tin. Mark my words, there will be one.


In the end, baseball fans, there are things to be aware of: October will arrive; the playoffs will be awesome to watch; Derek Jeter will leave the game behind and, hopefully, fans will watch this all play out and not have it completely overshadowed by the next ‘hit’ the NFL brings on themselves.
Source: Baret News Wire