NFL Roster Cuts Continue with a New Rule Looming


NFL Roster Cuts Continue with a New Rule Looming

By Amy Lignor


Can’t you hear the music? The Great White is chugging through the water. Dun dun dun dun… Of course, for the men we’re speaking about, the ones hoping, playing hard and busting their…humps to be kept on that NFL roster, a man-eating shark named JAWS would be far easier to deal with than being rejected by their team. Final cut day is looming, and NFL teams will have to trim their roster down to seventy-five players by September 1st. Then, even harsher, they must tell another twenty-two to hit the road in order to reach a total roster of fifty-three by September 5th. Here are only a few names that were already released before the deadline:

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Carolina Panthers sent packing: OT Tony Hills, WR Paul Browning, TE Dallas Walker, and others.


Kansas City Chiefs said so long to: WR Kenny Cook, OT Anthony Dima, LS Andrew East, CB Aaron Hester, TE Adam Schiltz, and the list goes on.


Jacksonville Jaguars did a Trump and said “You’re Fired” to: WR Greg Jenkins, LB Mister Alexander, DE Camaron Beard, OL Cody Booth, CB Tommie Campbell, S Desmond Cooper, DT Eric Crume, and WR Tandon Doss, among others.


The New York Jets (who have fans that ultimately wish they could keep everyone because, God knows, they need them), let go: CB Javier Arenas, WR T.J. Graham, WR’s Saalim Hakim, Austin Hill, DeVier Posey, Jonathon Rumph, and a whole lot more.


Last, but not least, the Philadelphia Eagles, who shocked the heck out of the world with their massive win this weekend, offered no parting gifts to: CB Marc Anthony, S Brandan Bishop, OL Mike Coccia, OL Kevin Graf, DE Alfy Hill, WR Mike Johnson, WR G.J. Kinne, LB Dasman McCullum, WR Josh Reese, DE Jeremy Towns, TE Justin Tukes, and OL Jared Wheeler, as they pushed them out the door.


And, yes, this is just some…and it’s not over yet.

NFL, roster, tough competition, out the door, hanging it up

But there is also another issue when it comes to troubles looming for certain players. And although this one isn’t about cuts to a roster, yet, mastering the new rule could put a great many NFL kickers’ futures on the line.


What was once 20-yards, and even looked hum-drum and highly easy to achieve on television, the extra-point has now become 33-yards. Depending on how you look at it, NFL kickers could feel absolute pride at this, seeing as that it was their constant accuracy that made the extra point look as easy as hanging up a towel in the bathroom (although teenagers still have a great deal of trouble with that one.)


Last season only seven kickers missed the hum-drum 20-yard extra-point, with only one kicker, Mason Crosby of Green Bay, missing two. So, of course, a disgruntled group that just had to include Commissioner Roger Goodell (who is always disgruntled), decided that the 20-yard extra point was completely wrong for such a tough competition.


But the bigger picture now, is this: Kickers missed only one field-goal attempt made from 33-yards last season; and in the last three seasons combined, they have missed only six. However, when it is the same 33-yards for an extra-point, kickers seem to be less inclined to make it through the uprights. Witness expert Chargers’ kicker Nick Novak, who had missed one extra-point in – yup, count em – seven NFL seasons. But last weekend, the ball banged against the upright and disappeared, causing the team to head into a kicker competition. In other words, the NFL may have done its job better than it wanted to, with kickers who have been on the roster for a good, long time facing a new challenge they will have to master if they wish to keep their jobs.


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