Philip Kapneck Helps Bring Axion Structural Design To Maryland

Philip Kapneck, Maryland Trade Ambassador worked with Axion Maryland representative, Charles D. Dahan, to make Axion’s entry to Maryland a success.

Axion International designs, develops and manufactures a new generation of eco-friendly structural building materials unlike anything currently available. Patented technologies, developed by scientists at Rutgers University, transform recycled consumer and industrial plastics into many different structural products.

Axion says their products are more durable, and last significantly longer than traditional infrastructure materials such as wood, steel or concrete. The products are formulated using proprietary processes using 100% recycled plastic.

Philip Kapneck Helps Increase Maryland Employment

Gaithersburg Local News has seen Philip Kapneck help to bring many innovative companies to the state, boosting local employment and utilizing local skills.

Philip Kapneck views Axion rail ties

Philip Kapneck views Axion structural products

Axion representative, Charles D. Dahan, worked with Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck to discover opportunities for Axion and the state to work together for a beneficial result for the company and for Maryland.

Construction and support jobs could be created to repair and replace piers, pilings, decking, bulkheads, and other infrastructure in need of renovation.

Axion’s marine products such as pilings, “dolphins” (piling groupings that protect piers and set boundaries for channel travel), and bulkheads applied to all areas of Maryland waterways would have an important beneficial impact on Maryland’s marine areas.

Axion says their products bring major benefits to the environment and Maryland’s ports, bays, waterways and byways projects could be constructed (or reconstructed) with materials that do not rust, corrode or rot, and don’t emit any toxins.

Axion Confers with Philip Kapneck to Locate In Maryland

Axion is conferring with Philip Kapneck, Maryland Trade Ambassador, as Axion sets up their satellite office in Maryland, where they will locate and attract local companies that can utilize Axion products and services. The state of Maryland will benefit in many ways, economically and environmentally.

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