Sodexo Finds Most Vegan Friendly College

With thousands of votes cast for the country’s Most Vegan-Friendly College in America, Sodexo helped client Northwestern University emerge as the top pick for 2010 in the small college category by PETA2, the world’s largest youth animal rights organization.

The university’s dining services, managed and operated by Sodexo, beat out 31 other schools from across the country. Serving a range of entrees such vegan seitan tacos, pumpkin chowder, vegetarian barbeque riblet sandwiches and Thai green curry with tofu helped clinch the top position, which Northwestern also held in 2007.

“Offering clients, student customers and the campus population at-large menu options that are varied and balanced — to include vegan options — is a natural outgrowth of our corporate health and wellness and sustainability objectives,” said Tom Post, president, campus dining services, Sodexo. “It is exciting to see how our contributions work in concert with those of our clients to meet their needs in such a rewarding way.”

In addition to offering vegetarian and vegan options Sodexo promotes choices with reduced sugar, salt, fats, and wherever possible, it sources local, seasonal and sustainably grown products.

John Ferraro, Sodexo menu manager at Northwestern believes that it is important for young adults to understand that today’s vegetarian and vegan alternatives are nothing like the tasteless faux-meat concoctions of the past. He adds that tomorrow’s parents should be especially cognizant of the appetizing, healthier options given current statistics on childhood obesity and related health issues. His popular recipe Vegan Burritos frequently drives that point home.

The voting process for the Most Vegan-Friendly College in America was held on the PETA2 web site in a March Madness-style bracketed competition. Visitors to the site cast their votes to help PETA2 select a winner.

Sodexo is a business partner to clients in various industries, offering strategic counsel and solutions that make it possible for them to meet any number of objectives, including sustainability goals. Guided by the Better Tomorrow Plan, its roadmap to sustainability, Sodexo has identified 14 specific commitments in the areas of health and wellness, the environment, and support for local communities. For details about the Better Tomorrow Plan visit the corporate citizenship page at