Spotlighting Week 3 of the NFL


Spotlighting Week 3 of the NFL

~ Amy Lignor


Week three in the NFL began with many surprise teams standing at 0-2. The New York Giants were on that list until Thursday night came around and they saw themselves go to 1-2 before a startlingly small crowd of fans. But fan support or not, Eli Manning got his win
NFL, football, week 3, Superbowl, Amy's Angle and hopefully will get more now that the season is gearing up. After all, this is one guy who is used to coming back from the basement and earning a Super Bowl ring in the process.

There were other teams going into this Sunday under a microscope, and we begin with…

Drew Brees. This man has had no luck for the New Orleans Saints. And now that his shoulder is hurt, Luke McCown came in and, unfortunately, still could not bring luck to the team. Very, very close but no cigar as the Saints now stand at 0-3 having been beaten by the Carolina Panthers.

The Jets were 2-0: Eagles 0-2 going into this week. I know that sounds backwards, but it’s absolutely true. And today, DeMarco Murray (the RB who was constantly in the spotlight for Dallas last year), did not play because of injury. Fans weren’t really all that depressed, seeing as that he’s made no difference whatsoever, and his absence really wasn’t missed when Mathews ran like the wind and the Eagles finally came away with a win. But it was some really messy play by the Eagles to get it. And when it comes to the Jets, a vibe seems to be around these guys that almost feels like Joe Namath is slowly coming back into town.

Every NFL show on the planet last week spoke about the fact that the Dallas Cowboys were in big trouble because they lost QB Tony Romo to injury once again. However, with a mighty offensive line, at the beginning of the game the Falcons also 2-0 coming into Dallas), didn’t seem to have a chance. Romo was out, yes, but Brandon Weeden filled his spot just fine. There was no missing of DeMarco Murray either; an unstoppable Joseph Randle set the field on fire, leaving a great many to believe that the Cowboys may just have a chance to reach that NFC Championship game. But…that’s why they play the game. Although Weeden wasn’t a bad QB, the offensive line was slowly picked apart by Atlanta and fans could feel the momentum shift. Atlanta walked away 3-0, and now Dallas with its first loss has the Eagles and the Giants nipping at their heels.

The Steelers and Rams game was the most powerful, and the most frightening for Steelers fans everywhere. At the very beginning of the game, the pyrotechnics that are set off while announcing the Steelers players ended up setting Pittsburgh’s field on fire. Worse, however, was seeing QB Ben Roethlisberger being carted off the field with a knee injury. After finally getting the recognition that he deserves for being one of the best QB’s in the business, I think everyone can agree that without Ben, the Steelers will be done. Vick came in and the Steelers did hang on to the lead, but Ben’s health is what matters.

Seems no one really gabs much about the Patriots men. Why? Because, for right now, Brady is still unstoppable. Maybe he is on a mission. Maybe he was angered by the ridiculous “Deflategate.” But whatever the reason is, they seem to be beating guys with their eyes shut. They took out the Jaguars 51-10. Brady and Gronk say: “Bring on the next one.”

The Browns benched Johnny Football after his stunning game last week that gave his team a much-wanted and needed win. Bringing the starter back, the game was good, the score close, but the Browns were unable to secure another win, losing to the Raiders. Johnny sat it out, but will he continue to do so now?

Can the Cincinnati Bengals actually BE a 3-0 team? Seems they can. And because of their win this Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens – a team that more than one sports expert said would see the Super Bowl field this season – is now a team that is 0-3. In other words, if they’re going to see the Super Bowl, it looks as if they will need to purchase their tickets now in order to grab some good seats.

The Indianapolis Colts keep saying what a wonderful QB Andrew Luck is…or will become. His only problem is that he has no offensive line to work with. But with the two losses thus far this season, as well as the bad play, it really does look like Luck is not the all-star everyone seems to think he is. What did he prove this weekend? Not a thing. In a messy game where Luck threw two interceptions, the Colts looked bad. But they did manage to squeak out their first win.

Others played and some had their day. While others, like the Cowboys, rode a high before collapsing into the dirt. The Vikings come away with a win; the Redskins looked terrible and have many things they need to work on; and, the Buccaneers remain on their road to nowhere.

Source:  Baret News