Holiday Health: Keeping Treats & Sweets While Dieting

  Holiday Health: Keeping Treats & Sweets While Dieting By Amy Lignor   Can you have yourself a “merry little Christmas” while watching ones who eat mounds of fudge, drink down egg nog, and sit down at a family Christmas dinner and load a platter up so high that it actually looks like they are […]

Happy Hour With Vegetables

Happy Hour With Vegetables ~ Richard Hudson  When switching to a diet largely composed of fruits and vegetables that is also elevated in protein and fiber, you need to begin by thinking about a substantially increased emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is one place to get some fruit. You can have it with oatmeal or […]

Gaithersburg Company Fighting Childhood Obesity

New Jersey’s cornucopia of fruits and vegetables overflows from the cafeteria to the classrooms of Lakewood School District, giving teachers a chance to fuel their students’ academic performance while teaching a quick lesson on eating right as Sodexo serves up local produce to all children in the classroom.

A $75,000 New Jersey’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grant, secured by nutrition-provider Sodexo for Lakewood School District, will make fresh and local produce abundantly available in schools throughout the state.