Gifts That Give Back to Others

When it comes to the holidays and the long, long list of places to shop, things to buy, etc., it’s nice to know that

‘Green’ is Good for Franchises in 2014

‘Green’ is Good for Franchises in 2014  ~ Carmen Schwartz Business is business, and when it comes to looking at 2014 thus far, the business of ‘green’ is growing monumentally. Everything from solar panels to wind turbines to geothermal heating and cooling units are being created, with every industry getting in on the ‘green’. Lowering […]

Local Hotel Honored for Excellence and Going Green

The Holiday Inn Gaithersburg was honored at the 2009 Gaithersburg Planning Awards for its completion of specific projects that exhibited excellence in planning and development within the city of Gaithersburg. The Planning Commission considered projects that were completed between the years 2003 and 2009. Categories for the awards include residential, commercial, general and mixed used projects, environmental practices, grassroots initiatives, planning advocacy and master plan implementation.