Effective Shotgunning for Deer:


  Effective Shotgunning for Deer: A penetrating argument for using quality slugs   The buck steps from behind a tree.  There’s your shot—broadside, a mere 50 yards away, a clear path.  Your shotgun barks, and the big deer drops in its tracks, perfect shot placement just behind the shoulder…exactly the way it’s supposed to be. […]

The Secret Life of an Ammunition Company


  The Secret Life of an Ammunition Company: Your next deer might be the result of 20 years of research   Back in 1898, a young German hunter and inventor by the name of Wilhelm Brenneke, fed up with the inferior ammunition available at the time, created the modern shotgun slug. It turned hunting on […]

Deer Hunting Goes Green: Brenneke Lead-Free Shotgun Slug


  Deer Hunting Goes Green: Brenneke Lead-Free Shotgun Slug     A suitable replacement for lead has been a Holy Grail for ammunition manufacturers for years, as they come under more and more pressure to make lead-free projectiles available to hunters.  It has not been an easy search.   As shot shell makers found when […]

HEVI-Shot Choke Tube Systems—Waterfowl


Up until now, finding the perfect waterfowl choke tube was like mission impossible. Ask any serious waterfowler and they will agree, when a perfect ammunition/pattern marriage is formed, duck and goose totes fill up in a hurry. Environ-Metal Inc., makers of legendary performance waterfowl ammunition have filled the gap and launched a true game changer—a […]

HEVI-Metal #6 Shot Size Teal Loads


Teal are invading flyways across the United States and hunters are out in full force looking to put a few of these fast flyers on the water. Teal, by design, are small birds. In fact, a male blue-winged teal tips the scales at just over a pound and measures a mere 16-inches long. Green-winged teal […]

HEVI-Metal Pheasant Shotshells


This new HEVI-Shot® shotshell takes the Pattern Density Technology™ in HEVI-Metal® shells a step farther.  It uses the same layering technique of dual-density pellets, premium steel and HEVI-Shot®, to make sure hunters have all the knock-down power they need – all while giving them significantly higher pellet counts to fill in any possible holes in […]

A Way to ‘Trick Out’ Your Favorite Gun


  The sun rises…the sound of the turkeys gobbling amongst themselves while hiding in the tall grass is like a melody in the hunter’s ear…The season will come upon one and all and the stress of the 9-to-5 and all other worries will subside, as the fun comes back into the outdoorsman’s (and woman’s) life. […]

Man Enters Wrong Home, Gets Shot


A local man was shocked with gunfire early Saturday while climbing through a window that he thought was his. Instead, it was the apartment window of his neighbor, who was armed with a shotgun filled with lead pellets.

The resident of Governor Square apartments in Gaithersburg called Montgomery County Police to tell them that he had shot an intruder. The confused “intruder” was taken to a local hospital where he is expected to recover.

No one has been arrested, and an investigation is ongoing.