Extreme Abuse Left Dog Nearly Dead in Louisiana

This story has been reposted from Pet Rescue Report with the permission of the author.

In the wake of recent horrific findings at the Bastrop Louisiana Kill Pens in Bastrop, Louisiana another heinous crime has been committed against an animal; this time in Wardville, Louisiana.   And the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office is doing nothing about it.job

It all started on Saturday September 24th 2016 when Nicole Johnson Snock, a staunch advocate for animals and founder of the group Plenty of Pitties received a call from her sister in law regarding a starving puppy. The puppy, and several other emaciated and sickly dogs were outside a rundown trailer in Wardville, Louisiana, a low income section of Pineville, Louisiana.

Nicole’s sister-in-law tried to get help for the puppy and the other dogs on the property by calling the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office dispatch. The dispatcher’s apathetic response was to call back Monday as there were not enough units available to respond to animal cruelty cases on the weekend.

On hearing this, Nicole rushed over to the address and was met with a horrifying scene; 2 adult dogs on chains both in horrible condition, obviously from long term neglect. But the most disturbing sight was what appeared to be the remains of a dog in a rabbit cage. When she looked closer, she discovered a puppy covered in demodex mange and fecal matter. The poor creature attempted to stand up only to fall right back down. Nicole had never seen anything so sickening in her entire life. She picked up the phone and once again called the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office and received the same apathetic response that no one would come out on Saturday. Nicole reiterated the urgency of the situation explaining the dog would be dead by Monday, and she was going to take the dog to the emergency vet. The dispatcher responded that if she did that she would be arrested for stealing the dog. Nicole’s logic then was if you can get someone out here to arrest me then you can get someone out here to help the dogs. The dispatcher then hung up on Nicole.

Nicole took the dog home and washed him before getting him to the vet. The dog was a walking skeleton, practically no hair, just skin and bones.

Nicole named the puppy “Job” and sent an emergency message out to get funds for his vetting. Within an hour the post went viral and donations starting flooding from all over the United States.

Dear Job, who waited so patiently for help to come but when it did it was too late. Although he made it to the emergency vet, he succumbed to the severe abuse and neglect that had been inflicted on his little body since he was born; he died at 7 p.m.

At this time no one has been held accountable for Job’s death and several dogs are still left languishing at the property.

It takes a very sick and malicious person to do this to any creature, yet the person or persons who did this are not being held liable for their actions. No arrest has been made although the evidence is there in photos stated on the emergency vet records that death was the result of extreme neglect. Yet the irony in all this is; Nicole is still being threatened with arrest for saving this dog from his extreme suffering.

How can this be called justice? Do not stand by quietly and let Job’s suffering and death be in vain.

Contact the Rapides Parish Sheriff William Earl Hilton at: debrac@rpso.la.gov

or Mayor Clarence Fields of Pineville, Louisiana at: Mayor@pineville.net

In the words of Mahatma Gandi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Louisiana is sadly lacking in greatness and in moral progress.


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